Public Transport In Hawaii

Public Transport In Hawaii



“The Bus” is the public transportation in Oahu Island and undoubtedly one of the best public transportation systems in the United States.

Bus lines pass through almost all the tourist spots and beaches, but as the island is very large some trips can take a while and you may prefer to rent a car to get at those places.

Besides being very punctual it assists passengers who do not know the route through a warning sound indicating the names of streets, bus stops and the main reference points around that street (hotels, museums, tourist attractions, shops) helping tourists who do not know the island.


  • Children under 5 Free
  • Adults – $ 2.50
  • Monthly Pass – $ 60,00



How the payment works

When boarding the bus there is a money collector next to the driver, you will place the value of the ticket ($ 2.50).


Ask the driver your “pass ticket”. With this pass you can save a return ticket if you use this pass until the time that is marked on it.

So you pay only one way, and the return is free.

Another important detail is that the driver does not usually give change, so remember to have coins with you. Change your notes for coins at any convenience store.

Bus stops

There are several bus stops, this map shows the bus stops of Waikiki and below are some tips on how the map works.

Move the map – Drag the mouse over the map to move it
Zoom – double-click on the map to zoom in or use the mouse scroll button.
Get directions – 1) click the bus stop (red icons on the map), 2) click “Directions” 3) will open a new window in it enter the destination you seek.


Hele-On is the primary provider of mass transportation in Hawaii County, Hawaii. Bus fare is $2.00 per ride, $15 for 10 rides, and $60 for 1 month of unlimited rides. Students, seniors and disabled persons can ride for $1.00. Riders cannot bring surfboards, boogie boards or fishing poles on to the bus.

Hele-On Bus

Fifteen routes connect the somewhat spread out county, with monthly ridership at over 67,000.

Route&Maps               Official Website


Maui Bus is the public transportation service of Maui CountyHawaii. They operate 12 regular local bus routes and 4 commuter routes, which have a single early morning run and a return trip in the afternoon and require a reservation.

The Maui Bus - Hawaii Smart Guide

All of the routes are operated seven days a week, including all holidays. No transfers are given on any of the routes. All vehicles on the routes are ADA accessible.

Route&Maps               Official Website


The Kauaʻi Bus is the public transportation service of Kauai County, Hawaii. They operate nine regular local bus routes.

Fixed Route Service: (bus stop to bus stop)

Monday – Friday  5:27 a.m. – 10:40 p.m.

Saturday, Sunday and Holiday  6:21 a.m. – 5:50 p.m.

Route&Maps               Official Website

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