Hawaiian Culture

Hawaiian Culture


Hawaii is the 50th and the newest of American States, and the only one not located in the Americas. It belongs to the group of Polynesian islands that are located most northerly in the central archipelago of the Pacific Ocean.

With tropical weather, beautiful beaches, incredible waves, active volcanoes and unique landscapes Hawaii is one of the most popular destinations of tourists and surfers.


Hawaiian typical dance is the famous Hula, created hundreds of years and passed down from generation to generation. The hula is a sequence of graceful movements where every gesture has a meaning associated with a context.

The Hula performances are key part in presentations of Luau, where guests eat, sing and dance to the Hawaiian style.



Hawaiian necklaces (Lei)

Those Hawaiian necklaces that you see in the movies are called Lei. Throw a lei in the ocean before leaving, that means you will return some day.

At some point during your trip, give yourself a necklace of flowers. Use it as much as you want, then on your last day throw it in the ocean, and start counting the days until your next vacation in Hawaii.


Hawaii is the only US state whose natives have used up the monarchy as a form of government.

State symbols

A good tip is to visit the Polynesian Cultural Center, a great tour and a stop for tourists who discover and learn a bit about Hawaiian culture and art, participate in activities and enjoy the beautiful presentation of the famous typical dance the hula.

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