About Hawaii

July 15, 2017

Discover All 10 Climate Zones on Big Island in Hawaii

According to the Köppen Climate Classification System, the world has 5 climate zones; tropical, dry, temperate, continental and polar. These can be broken down into a further 13 subcategories and 10 of those can be found on Big Island in Hawaii. A fabulous way to experience some of the most intriguing landscapes in Hawaii is to discover all 10 climate zones on Big Island.
July 18, 2015

Hawaiian Culture

Hawaii is the 50th and the newest of American States, and the only one not located in the Americas. It belongs to the group of Polynesian islands that are located most northerly in the central archipelago of the Pacific Ocean.
June 4, 2015
hawaii wedding

Wedding in Hawaii

Getting married is one of the biggest decisions we make in our lives, and because it is so important we dream with something perfect to stay in our memories.
April 2, 2015
Byodo In Temple

14 Must See Things In Honolulu And Around

More than a beach, Hanauma Bay is a nature reserve with a wide variety of fish, marine life and beautiful coral reefs, making this beach a perfect place for diving.
April 2, 2015

Weather In Hawaii

A peculiarity of weather in Hawaii is that the temperature oscillates very little. Therefore, there is no extreme changes of temperature during the year, making it a good place to visit at any time.
April 2, 2015

Discover Oahu

Oahu is the heart of Hawaii, home to the world famous Waikiki Beach, is the most populated island and is the favorite destination of tourists for many reasons, including by putting together a unique beauty with beautiful beaches and several entertainment options, adding the all this, a big city structure with numerous shopping centers.