About Us

About Us

You want to know what bar has the coldest beer in Oahu? The best luau on the Big Island what you can’t miss on Maui, where to stay in Kauai?


Hawaii logoIt’s impossible not fall in love with Hawaii, smell the plumeria in a morning breeze, the sound of waterfalls crashing on the rocks, enjoy a delicious poke at a luau by the sea, the excitement during the sunrise at Haleakala, watch the lava at Kilauea Volcano, dive in the company of dolphins and turtles, walk along the bustling Waikiki and see a beautiful sunset.

Besides the incredible natural beauty Hawaii has countless attractions and there is no one better to say what you must-see that the people who visited these places.

We are a Guide 100% target in Hawaii that provides resources for visitors and residents to discover everything they need to know about what to DO and SEE in Hawaii.


In addition to tips and information about Hawaii, our guide offers a list of places and services, ranging from beaches, trails, waterfall, luaus, activities, shops and restaurants to useful services such as car rentals, local servicesgrocery stores, drugstores, ATM machines, etc.

The best part is that all visitors can add the places they have visited and loved, write reviews about those places and share with friends and family.

Every day our users explore new places and share their experiences about what to do and see in Hawaii.


To ensure that our visitors experience the Aloha Spirit offering the best of Hawaii.

Our Vision

To be the main source of information about Hawaii.


We receive thousands of visits every day! Which is why we are an excellent option for local business to attract more customers